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New Banner

Internet Native Banner (INB) is in the process of being upgraded to a new interface (Banner Pages). The upgrades will require you to use a new tool called Application Navigator to access Banner starting March 12, 2016. Over the next year INB forms will become Banner Pages. Banner upgrades will be released and applied individually to each module (HR, Finance, Student, Financial Aid, and General) instead of a single upgrade applied to all Banner modules simultaneously.

Application Navigator

Application Navigator is a tool that allows you to go back and forth between the current INB forms and the new Banner Pages without you needing to remember if a form has been converted to banner pages.

Banner Pages

The first 2016 upgrade to Banner Pages will be for the Human Resources (HR) module. We expect upgrades for the other modules throughout 2016. Since the new Banner Pages have a completely different look and feel vs. the Banner INB forms, you might want to spend a couple minutes getting familiar with Banner Pages.

Application Navigator Tutorial

INB vs. Banner Pages


Old Banner INB

Banner Pages

New Banner Pages