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Health Insurance

USU offers 3 medical insurance plans: High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), Wellness (White), and High Premium (Blue). The HDHP is a non-traditional plan with the option of a Health Savings Account. With the Wellness (White) and High Premium (Blue) plans you have the option to also enroll in Flex Spending. All 3 plans include Vision Care.

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Medical Premiums

Monthly premiums vary by plan type and network selection

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Does your Spouse or Domestic Partner also work at USU?

When both spouses or domestic partners work for USU they have the option of selecting a DUAL COVERAGE medical and dental plan

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Two Medical Networks

Utah State University works diligently to provide you with the best possible medical insurance options at the lowest cost. USU and Regence BCBS offers 2 insurance network options to benefit eligible employees. The network options are:

Provides access to 40 Utah hospitals including Logan Regional Hospital, Cache Valley Hospital, University of Utah Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute and Primary Children’s Hospital.

This is the broadest network offered. It currently provides access to 49 Utah hospitals including Logan Regional Hospital, Cache Valley Hospital, University of Utah Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Primary Children’s Hospital and McKay-Dee Hospital.

BlueCross Blueshield Global (International)

Select Blue Cross Blue Shield Global or GeoBlue if you have international coverage and need to find care outside of the United States

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Who is eligible to be on your insurance?

  • Spouse or Domestic partner
    • Domestic Partner Tax: When you elect to cover a domestic partner on health insurance there is an extra tax you are subject to. If Dual Coverage Insurance is elected with a domestic partner, both employees will be subject to the domestic partner health insurance tax. Contact HR for details: 435-797-0216
  • Children under age 26: Natural, Step, Legally adopted, Children for whom you have legal guardianship, Foster children, Children placed with you for adoption, Children of your domestic partner who depend on you for support and live with you in a regular parent/child relationship, Children to whom you are legally responsible to provide health coverage under the terms of a Qualified Medical Support Order (QMCSO)
  • Unmarried children over the age limit if: Dependent on you for primary financial support and maintenance due to physical or mental disability. You may be asked to provide documentation or proof of disability. In most cases, coverage for a disabled child can continue for as long as the child is incapable of self-support, unmarried, and fully dependent on you for support.

Enroll in or Change Health Insurance

If you experience one of the qualifying life events; you, your spouse and any eligible children may enroll for coverage within 30 days of that event. Events include: marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, placement for adoption, and loss or gain of other insurance coverage. Complete the BCBS Enrollment/Change Form and return it to HR with document verifying relationship (such as birth or marriage certificate) and include dependent's social security numbers.

To change your address with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield please call HR Benefits Helpdesk (435) 797-0122

Waiving Medical Coverage

If you gain medical coverage elsewhere, or as a new employee already have coverage, you may choose to waive coverage by filling out the BCBS Enrollment/Change Form and marking WAIVE Coverage section.


All Plans: Regence

Specialty Prescriptions: Accredo

Home Delivery Prescriptions: Express Scripts

Summary Plan Description

Summary Plan Description for Regence Health & Dental Insurance

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Contact Information

  • USU Benefits Helpdesk: (435) 797-0122
  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service: (866) 240-9580
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