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Job Title, Salary Grade List, and Descriptions

Following is a list of job titles, salary grades, and links to job descriptions for staff positions (excluding executive level and coaching positions) at Utah State University. This is not a list of job opening announcements; current job openings can be found at The following descriptions are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities required. The following list will be updated and additional job descriptions linked as they are completed.

AA/EO Specialist G Exempt
Academic Advisor I D Exempt
Academic Advisor II E Exempt
Academic Advisor III F Exempt
Academic Advisor, SR G Exempt
Accountant I E Exempt
Accountant II F Exempt
Accountant III G Exempt
Accountant Lead  I Exempt
Accountant Senior H Exempt
Accounting Assistant I B Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant II C Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant III D Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant Lead E Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant SR D Non-exempt
Administrative Assistant E Non-exempt
Administrative Assistant, Senior F Non-exempt
Admissions Counselor I D Exempt
Admissions Counselor II E Exempt
Agricultural Assistant II B Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant III C Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant Lead E Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant SR D Non-exempt
Aircraft Maintenance Technician E Non-exempt
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Lead G Non-exempt
Arborist E Non-exempt
Architect I G Exempt
Architect II H Exempt
Architect III I Exempt
Assistant Fire Marshal  D Non-exempt
Assistant to an Executive I E Exempt
Assistant to an Executive II F Exempt
Assistant to an Executive, Senior G Exempt
Associate General Counsel J Exempt
Athletic Trainer I E Exempt
Athletic Trainer II F Exempt
Athletic Trainer Lead H Exempt
Bindery Technician I B Non-exempt
Bindery Technician II C Non-exempt
Broadcast Engineer  F Exempt
Broadcast Specialist  E Exempt
Business Assistant I C Non-exempt
Business Assistant II D Non-exempt
Business Assistant III E Non-exempt
Business Consultant F Exempt
Business Consultant Lead    I Exempt
Business Consultant SR H Exempt
Business Manager Admin H Exempt
Business Manager I F Exempt
Business Manager II G Exempt
Business Manager, Senior H Exempt
Buyer I D Exempt
Buyer II E Exempt
Buyer III F Exempt
Buyer SR G Exempt
Career Services Spec I D Exempt
Career Services Spec II E Exempt
Career Services Spec III F Exempt
Career Services Spec SR G Exempt
Carpenter I C Non-exempt
Carpenter II D Non-exempt
Carpenter III E Non-exempt
Catalog Assistant B Non-exempt
CEP I C Non-exempt
CEP II D Non-exempt
CEP III E Non-exempt
CEP Machinist F Non-exempt
Chef de Cuisine F Exempt
Clinician I E Exempt
Clinician II F Exempt
Clinician III G Exempt
Compliance Officer I F Exempt
Compliance Officer II G Exempt
Compliance Officer III H Exempt
Compliance Officer Lead J Exempt
Compliance Officer SR I Exempt
Computer Technician II D Non-exempt
Computer Technician III E Non-exempt
Computer Technician Lead F Non-exempt
Computer Technician SR F Non-exempt
Contract Administrator  E Exempt
Coordinator I B Non-exempt
Coordinator II C Non-exempt
Coordinator III D Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs I B Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs II C Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs III D Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs SR E Non-exempt
Coordinator Service I B Non-exempt
Coordinator Service II C Non-exempt
Coordinator Service III D Non-exempt
Coordinator Service Lead E Non-exempt
Coordinator Service SR E Non-exempt
Culinarian I A Non-exempt
Culinarian II B Non-exempt
Curator I D Exempt
Curator II E Exempt
Curator III F Exempt
Customer Service Coord I A Non-exempt
Customer Service Coord II B Non-exempt
Customer Service Coord III C Non-exempt
Data Analyst I D Exempt
Data Analyst II F Exempt
Data Analyst SR G Exempt
Database Administrator H Exempt
Database Administrator Lead K Exempt
Database Administrator SR J Exempt
Design Assistant C Non-exempt
Development Officer I F Exempt
Development Officer II G Exempt
Development Officer III I Exempt
Development Officer SR J Exempt
Development Research Asst I C Non-exempt
Development Research Asst II D Non-exempt
Education Specialist I F Exempt
Education Specialist II G Exempt
Education Specialist SR H Exempt
Electrical Technician I D Non-exempt
Electrical Technician II E Non-exempt
Electrical Technician III F Non-exempt
Electrician SR G Non-exempt
Engineer I F Exempt
Engineer II G Exempt
Engineer III H Exempt
Engineer SR I Exempt
Engineering Technician II D Non-exempt
Engineering Technician III E Non-exempt
Engineering Technician Lead G Non-exempt
Engineering Technician SR F Non-exempt
Env Health & Safety Officer  F Exempt
Env Health & Safety Officer SR G Exempt
Environmental Technician  D Non-exempt
Equipment Operator I B Non-exempt
Equipment Operator II C Non-exempt
Equipment Operator III D Non-exempt
Equipment Operator Lead F Non-exempt
Equipment Operator SR E Non-exempt
Executive Chef G Exempt
Executive Sous Chef E Exempt
Extension Administrator G Exempt
Extension Director SR H Exempt
Extension Educator  E Exempt
Facilities Service Representative I A Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative II B Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative III C Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative, Senior C Non-exempt
Farm Foreman  F Non-exempt
Financial Aid Counselor I D Exempt
Financial Aid Counselor II E Exempt
Financial Aid Counselor III F Exempt
Financial Officer H Exempt
Financial Officer, Senior I Exempt
Finishes Technician I B Non-exempt
Finishes Technician II C Non-exempt
Finishes Technician III D Non-exempt
Finishes Technician SR E Non-exempt
Fire Marshal  F Exempt
Flight Instructor D Exempt
Flight Instructor Lead F Exempt
Foreman, Trades H Non-exempt
Grant Writer I E Exempt
Grant Writer II F Exempt
Grant Writer III G Exempt
Grant Writer Lead I Exempt
Grant Writer SR H Exempt
Grant/Contract Officer F Exempt
Grant/Contract Officer SR G Exempt
Graphic Designer I D Exempt
Graphic Designer II E Exempt
Graphic Designer, Senior G Exempt
Human Resources Specialist I F Exempt
Human Resources Specialist II G Exempt
Human Resources Representative I C Non-exempt
Human Resources Representative II D Non-exempt
Human Resources Representative III E Non-exempt
HVAC I C Non-exempt
HVAC II D Non-exempt
HVAC III E Non-exempt
HVAC SR F Non-exempt
IT Manager J Exempt
Instructional Designer I F Exempt
Instructional Designer II G Exempt
Instructional Designer III H Exempt
Internal Auditor I E Exempt
Internal Auditor II F Exempt
Internal Auditor III G Exempt
Interpreter  G Exempt
Lab Animal Technician I A Non-exempt
Lab Animal Technician II B Non-exempt
Lab Animal Technician III C Non-exempt
Lab Manager F Exempt
Lab Manager, Senior G Exempt
Lab Technician I B Non-exempt
Lab Technician II C Non-exempt
Lab Technician III D Non-exempt
Lab Technician SR E Non-exempt
Landscape Architect SR H Exempt
Landscaper I B Non-exempt
Landscaper II C Non-exempt
Landscaper III D Non-exempt
Landscaper, Lead E Non-exempt
Lead Teacher  D Exempt
Learning Specialist I D Exempt
Learning Specialist II E Exempt
Learning Specialist III F Exempt
Library Assistant  B Non-exempt
Library Assistant SR C Non-exempt
Library Professional I F Exempt
Library Professional II G Exempt
Library Professional III H Exempt
Locksmith I C Non-exempt
Locksmith II D Non-exempt
Locksmith III E Non-exempt
Locksmith Lead F Non-exempt
Machinist  F Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech I A Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech II B Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech III C Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech SR D Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician I C Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician II D Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician III E Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician SR F Non-exempt
Manager I F Exempt
Manager II G Exempt
Manager III H Exempt
Manager SR I Exempt
Marketer I E Exempt
Marketer II F Exempt
Marketer III G Exempt
Marketer SR H Exempt
Mechanic  D Non-exempt
Mechanic SR E Non-exempt
Medical Assistant  C Non-exempt
Medical Technologist I E Non-exempt
Medical Technologist II F Non-exempt
Multimedia Engineer H Exempt
Multimedia Specialist I E Exempt
Multimedia Specialist II F Exempt
Multimedia Specialist SR G Exempt
Network Syst Specialist I F Exempt
Network Syst Specialist II G Exempt
Network Syst Specialist III H Exempt
Network Syst Specialist Lead J Exempt
Network Syst Specialist SR I Exempt
Nurse LPN E Non-exempt
Nurse RN F Non-exempt
Nurse RN  F Exempt
Nurse Practitioner I Exempt
Nutrition Assistant  B Non-exempt
Office Assistant I A Non-exempt
Office Assistant II B Non-exempt
Paralegal F Non-exempt
Payroll Manager H Exempt
Physical Therapist  H Exempt
Physician  L Exempt
Physician SR M Exempt
Plumber I C Non-exempt
Plumber II D Non-exempt
Plumber III E Non-exempt
Plumber SR F Non-exempt
Police Adminstrator I Exempt
Police Officer E Non-exempt
Police Officer III G Non-exempt
Post Office Technician C Non-exempt
Post Office Technician SR D Non-exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow I F Exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow II G Exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow III H Exempt
Press Operator  E Non-exempt
Principal J Exempt
Production Assistant  D Non-exempt
Production Assistant SR E Non-exempt
Program Coordinator I E Exempt
Program Coordinator II F Exempt
Program Coordinator III G Exempt
Program Coordinator, Senior H Exempt
Program Manager J Exempt
Programmer  G Exempt
Programmer/Analyst I F Exempt
Programmer/Analyst II G Exempt
Programmer/Analyst III H Exempt
Programmer/Analyst Lead J Exempt
Programmer/Analyst SR I Exempt
Programming Technician C Non-exempt
Programming Technician SR D Non-exempt
Project Assistant  C Non-exempt
Project Coordinator I E Exempt
Project Coordinator II F Exempt
Project Coordinator III G Exempt
Project Coordinator, Senior H Exempt
Psychiatrist N Exempt
Psychologist  H Exempt
Psychology Intern B Exempt
Public Relations Specialist I E Exempt
Public Relations Specialist II F Exempt
Public Relations Specialist III G Exempt
Publication Specialist I E Exempt
Publication Specialist II F Exempt
Publication Specialist III G Exempt
Purchasing Agent II E Exempt
Purchasing Agent III F Exempt
Purchasing Assistant  C Non-exempt
Recruiter I D Exempt
Recruiter II E Exempt
Recruiter III F Exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord I A Non-exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord II B Non-exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord SR D Non-exempt
Registration Officer  E Exempt
Research Engineer I G Exempt
Research Engineer II H Exempt
Research Engineer III I Exempt
Research Engineer SR  J  Exempt
Research Technician I C Non-exempt
Research Technician II D Non-exempt
Research Technician III E Non-exempt
Research Technician SR F Non-exempt
Researcher I F Exempt
Researcher II G Exempt
Researcher III H Exempt
Researcher Lead J Exempt
Researcher SR I Exempt
Residence Director I D Exempt
Residence Director II E Exempt
Resource Development Coordinator E Exempt
Sales Coordinator F Exempt
Sales Representative B Non-exempt
Security Analyst G Exempt
Sous Chef D Exempt
Speech Pathologist  F Exempt
Speech Pathologist SR  I Exempt
Staff Assistant I B Non-exempt
Staff Assistant II C Non-exempt
Staff Assistant III D Non-exempt
Staff Assistant, Senior E Non-exempt
Student Affairs Coordinator I C Non-exempt
Student Affairs Coordinator II D Non-exempt
Supervisor I E Exempt
Supervisor II F Exempt
Supervisor III G Exempt
Supervisor SR H Exempt
Systems Administrator I F Exempt
Systems Administrator II G Exempt
Systems Administrator III H Exempt
Systems Administrator Lead J Exempt
Systems Administrator SR I Exempt
Systems Engineer I F Exempt
Systems Engineer II G Exempt
Systems Engineer III H Exempt
Teacher Aide I B Non-exempt
Teacher Aide II C Non-exempt
Teacher I D Exempt
Teacher II E Exempt
Teacher III F Exempt
Teacher Sr G Exempt
Team Leader Facilities I B Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities II C Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities III D Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities, Senior E Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator I B Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator II C Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator III D Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator Lead F Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator SR E Non-exempt
Technical Professional I E Exempt
Technical Professional II F Exempt
Technical Professional SR  G  Exempt
Technician  A Non-exempt
Telecommunications Technician E Non-exempt
Telecommunications Technician SR F Non-exempt
Training/Dev Specialist I G Exempt
Training/Dev Specialist III H Exempt
Training/Dev Specialist SR I Exempt
Turf Specialist E Non-exempt
Warehouse Worker  B Non-exempt
Webmaster I F Exempt
Webmaster II G Exempt
Webmaster III H Exempt