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Job Titles, Salary Grades, and Job Descriptions

Following is a list of job titles, salary grades, and links to job descriptions for staff positions at Utah State University. Executive level titles such as Vice -President, Assistant Vice-President, Executive Director, Director, Associate Director, etc. are not included nor are coaching positions. (For more information on this matter, see the Frequently Asked Questions section.)


This is not a list of job opening announcements; current job openings can be found at The following descriptions are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed; they are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities required. The list will be updated and additional job descriptions linked as they are completed.

AA/EO Specialist G Exempt
AA/EO Specialist, Senior H Exempt
Academic Advisor E Exempt
Academic Advisor, Coordinator F Exempt
Academic Advisor, Senior F Exempt
Academic Advisor, Supervisor G Exempt
Accountant I E Exempt
Accountant II F Exempt
Accountant III G Exempt
Accountant, Lead I Exempt
Accountant, Senior H Exempt
Accounting Assistant I B Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant II C Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant III D Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant, Lead E Non-exempt
Accounting Assistant, Senior D Non-exempt
Administrative Assistant E Non-exempt
Administrative Assistant, Senior F Non-exempt
Admissions Counselor I D Exempt
Admissions Counselor II E Exempt
Agricultural Assistant II B Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant III C Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant Lead E Non-exempt
Agricultural Assistant, Senior D Non-exempt
Aircraft Maintenance Technician F Non-exempt
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Lead G Non-exempt
Annual Giving Coordinator F Exempt
Arborist E Non-exempt
Architect I G Exempt
Architect II H Exempt
Architect III I Exempt
Assistant Fire Marshal  D Non-exempt
Assistant Foreman G Non-exempt
Assistant to an Executive I E Exempt
Assistant to an Executive II F Exempt
Assistant to an Executive, Senior G Exempt
Associate General Counsel J Exempt
Athletic Trainer I E Exempt
Athletic Trainer II F Exempt
Athletic Trainer Lead H Exempt
Bindery Technician I B Non-exempt
Bindery Technician II C Non-exempt
Broadcast Engineer  F Exempt
Business Assistant I C Non-exempt
Business Assistant II D Non-exempt
Business Assistant III E Non-exempt
Business Consultant F Exempt
Business Consultant Lead    I Exempt
Business Consultant, Senior H Exempt
Business Intelligence Analyst H Exempt
Business Manager Admin H Exempt
Business Manager I F Exempt
Business Manager II G Exempt
Business Manager, Senior H Exempt
Buyer I E Exempt
Buyer II F Exempt
Buyer III G Exempt
Buyer, Senior G Exempt
Career Services Spec I D Exempt
Career Services Spec II E Exempt
Career Services Spec III F Exempt
Career Services Spec, Senior G Exempt
Carpenter, Apprentice C Non-exempt
Carpenter, Journeyman E Non-exempt
Carpenter, Senior F Non-exempt
Carpenter, Master G Non-exempt
Catalog Assistant B Non-exempt
CEP Technician, Apprentice C Non-exempt
CEP Technician, Journeyman E Non-exempt
CEP Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
CEP Technician, Master G Non-exempt
Chef de Cuisine F Exempt
Clinician I E Exempt
Clinician II F Exempt
Clinician III G Exempt
Compliance Officer I F Exempt
Compliance Officer II G Exempt
Compliance Officer III H Exempt
Compliance Officer Lead J Exempt
Compliance Officer, Senior I Exempt
Computer Technician II D Non-exempt
Computer Technician III E Non-exempt
Computer Technician Lead F Non-exempt
Computer Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
Contract Administrator  E Exempt
Coordinator I B Non-exempt
Coordinator II C Non-exempt
Coordinator III D Non-exempt
Coordinator, Senior E Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs I B Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs II C Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs III D Non-exempt
Coordinator of Programs, Senior E Non-exempt
Coordinator Service I B Non-exempt
Coordinator Service II C Non-exempt
Coordinator Service III D Non-exempt
Coordinator Service, Senior E Non-exempt
Corporate and Foundation Officer I Exempt
Culinarian I A Non-exempt
Culinarian II B Non-exempt
Curator, Associate E Exempt
Curator F Exempt
Customer Service Coord I A Non-exempt
Customer Service Coord II B Non-exempt
Customer Service Coord III C Non-exempt
Data Analyst I D Exempt
Data Analyst II E Exempt
Data Analyst III F Exempt
Data Analyst, Senior G Exempt
Data Scientist H Exempt
Database Administrator H Exempt
Database Administrator Lead K Exempt
Database Administrator, Senior J Exempt
Design Assistant C Non-exempt
Development Officer I F Exempt
Development Officer II G Exempt
Development Officer III I Exempt
Development Officer, Senior J Exempt
Development Research Asst I C Non-exempt
Development Research Asst II D Non-exempt
Education Specialist I F Exempt
Education Specialist II G Exempt
Education Specialist, Senior H Exempt
Electrical Technician, Apprentice D Non-exempt
Electrical Technician, Journeyman F Non-exempt
Electrical Technician, Senior G Non-exempt
Electrical Technician, Master H Non-exempt
Engineer I F Exempt
Engineer II G Exempt
Engineer III H Exempt
Engineer, Senior I Exempt
Engineering Technician II D Non-exempt
Engineering Technician III E Non-exempt
Engineering Technician Lead G Non-exempt
Engineering Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
Environmental Health & Safety Officer  F Exempt
Environmental Health & Safety Officer Senior G Exempt
Environmental Technician III D Non-exempt
Equipment Operator I B Non-exempt
Equipment Operator II C Non-exempt
Equipment Operator III D Non-exempt
Equipment Operator Lead F Non-exempt
Equipment Operator, Senior E Non-exempt
Executive Chef G Exempt
Executive Sous Chef E Exempt
Extension Administrator G Exempt
Extension Director, Senior H Exempt
Extension Educator  E Exempt
Facilities Service Representative I A Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative II B Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative III C Non-exempt
Facilities Service Representative, Senior C Non-exempt
Farm Foreman  F Non-exempt
Financial Aid Counselor I D Exempt
Financial Aid Counselor II E Exempt
Financial Officer I Exempt
Financial Officer, Senior J Exempt
Finishes Technician, Apprentice C Non-exempt
Finishes Technician, Journeyman E Non-exempt
Finishes Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
Finishes Technician, Master G Non-exempt
Fire Marshal  G Exempt
Flight Instructor E Exempt
Flight Instructor Lead G Exempt
Foreman, Trades H Non-exempt
Graduate Admissions Counselor E Exempt
Grant Writer I E Exempt
Grant Writer II F Exempt
Grant Writer III G Exempt
Grant Writer Lead I Exempt
Grant Writer, Senior H Exempt
Grant/Contract Officer F Exempt
Grant/Contract Officer, Senior G Exempt
Graphic Designer I D Exempt
Graphic Designer II E Exempt
Graphic Designer, Senior G Exempt
Human Resources Specialist I F Exempt
Human Resources Specialist II G Exempt
Human Resources Representative I C Non-exempt
Human Resources Representative II D Non-exempt
Human Resources Representative III E Non-exempt
HVAC Technician, Apprentice D Non-exempt
HVAC Technician, Journeyman F Non-exempt
HVAC Technician, Senior G Non-exempt
HVAC Technician, Master H Non-exempt
IT Manager J Exempt
Instructional Designer I F Exempt
Instructional Designer II G Exempt
Instructional Designer III H Exempt
Instructional Tech Spec I G Exempt
Instructional Tech Spec II H Exempt
Internal Auditor I G Exempt
Internal Auditor II H Exempt
Lab Animal Technician I A Non-exempt
Lab Animal Technician II B Non-exempt
Lab Animal Technician III C Non-exempt
Lab Manager F Exempt
Lab Manager, Senior H Exempt
Lab Technician I B Non-exempt
Lab Technician II C Non-exempt
Lab Technician III D Non-exempt
Lab Technician, Senior E Non-exempt
Landscape Architect, Senior H Exempt
Landscaper I B Non-exempt
Landscaper II C Non-exempt
Landscaper III D Non-exempt
Landscaper, Lead E Non-exempt
Learning Specialist E Exempt
Learning Specialist, Senior F Exempt
Library Assistant  B Non-exempt
Library Assistant, Senior C Non-exempt
Library Assistant, Lead D Non-exempt
Library Professional I F Exempt
Library Professional II G Exempt
Library Professional III H Exempt
Locksmith, Apprentice C Non-exempt
Locksmith, Journeyman E Non-exempt
Locksmith, Senior F Non-exempt
Locksmith, Master G Non-exempt
Machinist F Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech I A Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech II B Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech III C Non-exempt
Mail Services Tech, Senior D Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician I C Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician II D Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician III E Non-exempt
Maintenance Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
Manager I F Exempt
Manager II G Exempt
Manager III H Exempt
Manager, Senior I Exempt
Marketer I E Exempt
Marketer II F Exempt
Marketer III G Exempt
Marketer, Senior H Exempt
Mechanic D Non-exempt
Mechanic, Senior E Non-exempt
Medical Assistant  C Non-exempt
Medical Technologist I E Non-exempt
Medical Technologist II F Non-exempt
Multimedia Engineer H Exempt
Multimedia Specialist I E Exempt
Multimedia Specialist II F Exempt
Multimedia Specialist, Senior G Exempt
Multimedia Technician I C Non-exempt
Multimedia Technician II D Non-exempt
Museum Technician D Non-exempt
Network Syst Specialist I F Exempt
Network Syst Specialist II G Exempt
Network Syst Specialist III H Exempt
Network Syst Specialist Lead J Exempt
Network Syst Specialist, Senior I Exempt
Nurse, LPN E Non-exempt
Nurse, RN F Non-exempt
Nurse, RN  F Exempt
Nurse Practitioner I Exempt
Nutrition Assistant  B Non-exempt
Nutrition Assistant Senior D Non-exempt
Occupational Therapist H Exempt
Office Assistant I A Non-exempt
Office Assistant II B Non-exempt
Paralegal F Non-exempt
Payroll Manager H Exempt
Physical Therapist H Exempt
Physician  L Exempt
Physician, Senior M Exempt
Plumber, Apprentice D Non-exempt
Plumber, Journeyman F Non-exempt
Plumber, Senior G Non-exempt
Plumber, Master H Non-exempt
Police Adminstrator I Exempt
Police Captain J Exempt
Police Lieutenant I Exempt
Police Officer F Non-exempt
Police Sergeant H Non-exempt
Post Office Technician C Non-exempt
Post Office Technician, Senior D Non-exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow I F Exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow II G Exempt
Postdoctoral Fellow III H Exempt
Press Operator  E Non-exempt
Principal J Exempt
Production Assistant  D Non-exempt
Production Assistant, Senior E Non-exempt
Production/Broadcast Specialist F Exempt
Program Assistant I  B Non-exempt
Program Assistant II C Non-exempt
Program Assistant III D Non-exempt
Program Assistant, Senior E Non-exempt
Program Coordinator I E Exempt
Program Coordinator II F Exempt
Program Coordinator III G Exempt
Program Coordinator, Senior H Exempt
Program Manager J Exempt
Programmer  G Exempt
Programmer/Analyst I F Exempt
Programmer/Analyst II G Exempt
Programmer/Analyst III H Exempt
Programmer/Analyst Lead J Exempt
Programmer/Analyst, Senior I Exempt
Project Assistant  C Non-exempt
Project Coordinator I E Exempt
Project Coordinator II F Exempt
Project Coordinator III G Exempt
Project Coordinator, Senior H Exempt
Psychiatrist N Exempt
Psychologist  H Exempt
Psychology Intern C Exempt
Public Relations Specialist I E Exempt
Public Relations Specialist II F Exempt
Public Relations Specialist III G Exempt
Public Relations Specialist, Senior H Exempt
Publication Specialist I E Exempt
Publication Specialist II F Exempt
Publication Specialist III G Exempt
Purchasing Agent I E Exempt
Purchasing Agent II F Exempt
Purchasing Agent, Senior G Exempt
Purchasing Assistant  D Non-exempt
Recruiter I D Exempt
Recruiter II E Exempt
Recruiter III F Exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord I A Non-exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord II B Non-exempt
Recv,Ship,Stores Coord, Senior D Non-exempt
Registration Officer  E Exempt
Research Engineer I G Exempt
Research Engineer II H Exempt
Research Engineer III I Exempt
Research Engineer, Senior J Exempt
Research Technician I C Non-exempt
Research Technician II D Non-exempt
Research Technician III E Non-exempt
Research Technician, Senior F Non-exempt
Researcher I F Exempt
Researcher II G Exempt
Researcher III H Exempt
Researcher Lead J Exempt
Researcher, Senior I Exempt
Residence Director I D Exempt
Residence Director II E Exempt
Resource Development Coordinator E Exempt
Sales Coordinator F Exempt
Sales Representative B Non-exempt
Security Analyst G Exempt
Sous Chef D Non-exempt
Speech Pathologist G Exempt
Speech Pathologist, Senior I Exempt
Staff Assistant I B Non-exempt
Staff Assistant II C Non-exempt
Staff Assistant III D Non-exempt
Staff Assistant, Senior E Non-exempt
Student Services Coordinator I C Non-exempt
Student Services Coordinator II D Non-exempt
Student Services Coordinator SR E Non-exempt
Student Success Advisor E Exempt
Supervisor I E Exempt
Supervisor II F Exempt
Supervisor III G Exempt
Supervisor, Senior H Exempt
Systems Administrator I F Exempt
Systems Administrator II G Exempt
Systems Administrator III H Exempt
Systems Administrator Lead J Exempt
Systems Administrator, Senior I Exempt
Systems Engineer I F Exempt
Systems Engineer II G Exempt
Systems Engineer III I Exempt
Teacher, Adults with Disabilities D Exempt
Teacher Aide I B Non-exempt
Teacher Aide II C Non-exempt
Teacher I D Exempt
Teacher II E Exempt
Teacher III F Exempt
Teacher, Senior G Exempt
Teacher, Early Childhood I C Exempt
Teacher, Early Childhood II D Exempt
Teacher, Early Intervention D Exempt
Team Leader Facilities I B Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities II C Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities III D Non-exempt
Team Leader Facilities, Senior E Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator I D Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator II E Non-exempt
Technical Coordinator, Senior F Non-exempt
Technical Professional I F Exempt
Technical Professional II G Exempt
Technician  A Non-exempt
Telecommunications Technician F Non-exempt
Telecommunications Technician, Senior G Non-exempt
Title IX Coordinator I Exempt
Training/Dev Specialist I G Exempt
Training/Dev Specialist III H Exempt
Training/Dev Specialist, Senior I Exempt
Turf Specialist E Non-exempt
Warehouse Worker  B Non-exempt
Water Distribution Operator F Non-exempt
Webmaster I F Exempt
Webmaster II G Exempt
Webmaster III H Exempt
Webmaster Lead I Exempt