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Compensation and Classification

The Compensation and Classification team strives to serve the departments and personnel at Utah State University by performing the following tasks:

  • Reviews requests to establish new positions and recommends assignment of the appropriate classification (job title) including whether the position is non-exempt or exempt from provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding paying of overtime.
  • Reviews requests to evaluate existing positions to determine whether a change in classification is appropriate.
  • Reviews proposed salary increases for employees in executive, administrative, and staff positions if the proposed salary increase is above the midpoint of the salary range.
  • Reviews hiring offers to candidates when the proposed salary is above the midpoint of the salary range.
  • Provides processes, guidelines, advice, and counsel to assist management in making individual pay decisions.
  • Maintains a list of classification titles (e.g. creates new titles, eliminates obsolete titles, etc.)
  • Prepares job descriptions and maintains online repository of such documents.
  • Participates in comprehensive annual salary surveys and determines which USU jobs adequately match survey jobs to use as benchmark jobs.
  • Periodically updates the Salary Grade Table and other elements of the salary structure.