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Our Compensation Philosophy

Utah State University is committed to providing a competitive total compensation package, including salary and benefits, that will attract, retain, and reward high-performing employees at all levels. Utah State University strives to make employee compensation externally competitive, internally equitable, and performance based.

Utah State University recognizes the need to attract and retain capable, motivated, and dedicated employees to carry out the University’s mission and support University strategies and values.   In support of this philosophy, Utah State University has established a total compensation package that includes a generous contribution towards retirement and health insurance premiums.

As salary is the primary element of the total compensation package, the staff salary structure, and its accompanying policies and procedures, supports department managers and employees by adhering to the following principles:

  1. Competitiveness: Salary ranges for a majority of positions are based on benchmark data acquired from higher education, nationwide, industry, and local labor market surveys.
  2. Internal Equity: Jobs with similar qualifications, scope, complexity of duties, and impact are assigned to similar salary grades.
  3. Flexibility: Salary structure provides a framework to support a diverse, complex, decentralized organization to accommodate differences in job requirements, the job market, employee performance, and each department’s financial resources.
  4. Consistency: Policies and procedures are provided with an aim to ensure that similar jobs are paid equitably across the University.
  5. Transparency: Managers and employees have access to job-related content, pay guidelines, and salary grades.