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VSIP Application Process

  1. The employee submits their VSIP Application to the Office of Human Resources by emailing, faxing to 435-797-1816, or bringing to the HR office by calling 435-797-0122 to schedule an appointment to meet.
  2. The Office of Human Resources prepares and sends a Financial Impact Statement via AdobeSign to the Supervisor, Financial Officer, and Dean/VP for consideration and approval.* This statement provides an estimated cost of the VSIP based on the employee’s requested option. The Dean/VP will indicate that they either approve or deny the request.
  3. If the employee’s VSIP Application is denied, the Office of Human Resources will notify the employee of the decision and refer the employee to their Dean/VP if there are questions.
  4. If the employee’s VSIP Application is approved, the Office of Human Resources will prepare and send a voluntary separation agreement via AdobeSign for both the employee and the Dean/VP to review and sign.
  5. Once signed by the employee and the Dean/VP, the voluntary separation agreement will be sent to the Business and Finance VP who will authorize Human Resources to coordinate with Finance and Payroll to ensure payments and benefits are handled in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

*Given the volume of inquiries and applications, the Office of Human Resources is priority processing VSIP applications based on the requested separation date and the date the application is received. We appreciate your patience during this process.