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  • 401: Composition and Authority of the Faculty
    • 401.1-3 Faculty membership, definitions of faculty categories, academic units, academic department heads, resident/nonresident faculty.
    • 401.4-8 Descriptions, eligibility, and academic ranks for: tenured and tenure-eligible faculty, faculty with term appointments, special appointments, emeritus faculty.
    • 401.9-12 Authority, meetings, and committees of the faculty.
  • 402: The Faculty Senate and Its Committees
    • 402.1-4 Authority of the Faculty Senate, membership, terms, and records.
    • 402.5-10 Meetings, parliamentary procedure, officers, Faculty Forum, and elections.
    • 402.11-13 Senate committees: descriptions and duties.
  • 403: Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility
    • 403.1-2 Academic freedom: introduction and definitions.
    • 403.3 Standards of conduct: to students, to the profession, to the institution, and to citizenship.
  • 404: Faculty Appointments
    • 404.1 Policies, professional services, minimum educational requirements, and degrees.
    • 404.2-4 Term of appointment, procedures for tenured, tenure-eligible, term appointments, and special appointments.
    • 404.5-6 Appointment procedures and search procedures.
  • 405: Tenured and Term appointments: Evaluation, Promotion, and Retention
    • 405.1 Tenure, rights conferred, eligibility, and probationary period.
    • 405.2-5 Tenure and promotion criteria for core faculty, librarians, extension faculty, and extension agents.
    • 405.6-10 Tenure, promotion, and review: general procedures, procedures specific to tenure process, and procedures specific to promotion process.
    • 405.11 Term appointments: procedures, role, advisory committee, file, and process.
    • 405.12 Review of faculty: annual review, review of tenured faculty, professional development plan, and academic due process.
  • 406: Program Discontinuance, Financial Exigency and Financial Crisis
    • 406.1-3 Program discontinuance for academic reasons, for suspension of enrollment, and for financial exigency.
    • 406.4 Process for termination and reduction in status.
    • 406.5-6 Reinstatement rights, major financial crisis.
  • 407: Academic Due Process: Sanctions and Hearing Procedures
    • 407.1-4 Introduction, sanctions, and procedures for reprimands and sanctions other than reprimands.
    • 407.5 Medical incapacity.
    • 407.6 Grievances.
    • 407.7 Nonrenewal.
    • 407.8 Procedures for inquiry into allegations of research fraud.
    • 407.9 Sexual harassment.
    • 407.10 Consensual relationships.
    • 407.11-12 Complaints and procedures for investigating complaints.