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Annual (Vacation) Leave

Faculty and Exempt: Leave is earned at the rate of 1.83 days per month or 22 days per year for eligible faculty and exempt staff on fiscal year appointments (12 months). Academic year appointments do not earn annual leave. Annual leave accrues on a calendar basis and may not exceed 30 days.

Non-Exempt Staff: Annual leave accrues on a calendar basis and may not exceed 30 days. Annual leave is earned according to the following schedule:

Years of Service     Days Earned per Year
0-5 12
5-10 18
10+ 22

Sick Leave

Sick Leave is accrued at the rate of one day per month or 12 days per year. This accrual rate is the same for faculty and staff (regardless of exemption).

Recording Leave

Employees record and submit leave and exception time in MyTime at

Leave Corrections

Contact a Leave Manager for your department.

Holidays at USU

All employees on fiscal year base appointments earn 12 paid holidays per year. Employees are eligible for paid holidays that fall within the period in which their services are performed.  View employee holidays.

Note on Leave Accruals

Holiday, sick and annual leave pay is pro-rated for employees with an FTE less than 100%.


Family and Medical Leave Act.  An eligible employee may use paid leave (if available) and/or unpaid leave up to a maximum of 12 weeks during a rolling 12-month period for specific reasons. If you have been or will be away from work on sick leave for more than 3 consecutive work days, please complete the FMLA request form.

See Policy 351 for more information regarding FMLA.

Military Leave 

See Policy 359 for information regarding military leave.


Employees will be granted up to three working days of leave if an immediate family member dies. See Policy 369 for more information regarding bereavement leave.