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Life Event: Birth, Death, Loss/Gain Of Other Coverage, Marriage, Divorce, Etc.

**Don't forget, paperwork MUST be submitted within 30 days of the life event. If you miss the window, your next available opportunity to make a change will be during open enrollment 

During a life event, you are granted a Special Enrollment period to make changes to benefits. See below for descriptions on each and feel free to contact the HR Solutions center with questions: 435-797-0122

Health Insurance Change Form
Flexible Spending Change Form
Link to The Hartford Website For Life Insurance Changes

Birth of A Child

Within 30 days of the birth, complete the Health Insurance Change Form and return it to the HR office with a copy of the birth certificate. 

Requested plan Changes need to be consistent with the life event. Flexible spending may be increased but not cancelled.

Remember to consider any life insurances changes that may be needed with the life event.

Once the child has a Social Security Number, please contact the HR office with the information so we can get that added and ensure claims will be paid.

Job Change/Etc.

If your working hours change resulting in an insurance premium increase of 50%, Special Enrollment may be granted. Requested plan changes need to be consistant with the life event.


Please contact HR to find out plan change & life insurance details.

Remember to consider any life insurance changes that may need to be made with the life event, such as beneficiary.

Resources Available:

Loss/Gain of Other Insurance Coverage

Anytime you or a dependant loses insurance or is offered other insurance, changes can be made within 30 days of the life event. We will need a Health Insurance Change Form and proof of the life event.

The requested plan change needs to be consistent with the life event. For example, if you lose coverage you cannot drop insurance only add it. Let us know if you have questions.

The documentation of change can be in the form of:

  • Letter of Creditible Coverage (from insurance company)
  • Letter From Employer
  • COBRA Offer Letter


Within 30 days of marriage or divorce please provide a Health insurance Change form and proof of the life event, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree to the HR office. Requested plan changes need to be consistent 

Divorce: It is very important that you make this change within 30 days. It is considered fraud to cover an ex spouse on health or life insurance.

Marriage: It is optional to cover your new spouse on insurance. Step children are also allowed to have health insurance on our plan. Birth certificates are required to add the children in addition to the marriage certificate.