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Process for Eligible Students of Current Employees

An electronic form is available to request tuition reduction for eligible students of current employees. To ensure the employee accepts applicable tax consequences, the active employee will submit the form. For students receiving the benefit through a retiree or deceased employee, the process remains the same (bring paper form(s) to HR). A separate tuition reduction application must be submitted for each student and for each semester.

Current Employees

To ensure the employee accepts applicable tax consequences, the active employee must submit the online form for each student. The online tuition reduction form is only available to current benefited employees. You will login using your A Number and strong password and will then supply information about themselves and the student.

Please refer to Section 127 Education Assistance Plan for more information about tuition waivers granted to employees.

NOTE: Employees on leave without pay (LWOP) for more than 6 months do not qualify for the benefits described in policy 350, Educational Benefits. Spouses and dependent children of employees on LWOP are also disqualified from the educational benefits. Domestic partners and their dependents are not eligible for the tuition reduction benefit.


You will need to have the eligible active employee submit the online form for you. They will need your A#, Email, Phone, and how you are admitted (undergrad, second bachelor, or graduate).
If you are a Graduate student, the employee will need to know If you are in a Graduate Assistantship approved by the School of Graduate Studies.
If you are a spouse and do not wish to waive all student fees, the employee will need to know which student services you wish to keep. Associated fees will be payable to USU.

Eligible Students of Retired or Deceased Employees

For students receiving the reduction through a retired or deceased employee the process currently remains the same. Please bring the paper tuition reduction and/or student fee waiver (spouses and retirees only) form(s) to Human Resources to request the tuition reduction and/or student fee waiver requests. We're working on providing an electronic form for you for coming semesters.

50% Tuition Reduction

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • The employee must work at least 75% time in a benefited position with the university.
  • Employee may begin classes 3 months after start date.
  • Spouses qualify immediately for this benefit. The eligibility period must be completed on or before the last day fees are due in the applicable semester.
  • Children may use this benefit after the employee has completed 2 years of service.
  • Children may have this benefit until they reach age 26 and are unmarried.

Tax Implications

By applying for tuition reduction the employee (or spouse or dependent if the employee is deceased) must acknowledge that he or she understands that some or all of the tuition reduction may be taxable as wages. Insofar as USU can determine the taxability of the tuition reduction benefit USU will withhold Social Security, Medicare, and Income Taxes for current employees.

Student Fee Waiver


Eligible Employees, Retirees, and Spouses can request student fees be waived in accordance with Policy 350.

Current Employees and Their Spouses

For current employees and their spouse the student fee waiver is included with the online Application for Tuition Reduction & Student Fees Waiver form (which must be completed by the active employee) and will default to request all student fees be waived. If you wish to maintain access to certain student services you can opt to maintain some student services and pay the applicable fees.

Retired Employees, Retiree's Spouse, or Deceased Employee's Spouse

For retirees, retiree's spouse, or a deceased employee's spouse the paper Student Fee Waiver form must be brought to Human Resources.


Qualifying employees, retirees, and their spouses may audit University courses without a fee or waiting period. Dependent children do not qualify for this benefit.

To receive the auditing benefit come to the HR Office and we will supply you with the forms you need.

Submission of Forms

Employee is Actively Employed

For eligible students of current employees an electronic form is now available to apply for tuition reduction and fee waivers (if applicable). To ensure the employee accepts applicable tax consequences, this form must be completed by the active employee (not the spouse or child).

Application for Tuition Reduction & Student Fees Waiver

Employee is Retired or Deceased

Students of retire or deceased employees should bring the applicable form(s) to the Department of Human Resources.
In person: Human Resource Building (corner of 1200 East and 700 North)
By fax: 435-797-1816

Application for Tuition Reduction
Student Fee Waiver (Retiree and spouse only - children are not eligible)

For additional information see Policy 350