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Life Threatening Emergency: Dial 911

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Ability Assistance: Employee Assistance Program, simple solutions to help cope with stress and life changes. Offers up to three free face-to-face counseling sessions per occurrence per year.

Beneficiary Assist: Professional help after a loss or terminal illness.

Bear River Health Department Resource Directory

 SafeUT answers crisis calls, and chats—about yourself or someone else—24/7. These free services, provided by University of Utah Health, are confidential. Our counseling topics include:

  • Depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues;
  • Suicide prevention;
  • Loss and grief;
  • Bullying and cyberbullying;
  • Drug and alcohol problems;
  • Self-harm;
  • Relationship difficulties;
  • Any life challenge.

SafeUT is free and confidential.

I-9 Basic User Training Video

I-9 Decision Tree

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form and Acceptable Document

Step by Step I-9 Instructions

I-9 Employee Number/A-number

Adding Social Security Number

Foreign Employee I-9 Help

**NEW 2017 Form I-9 Changes**

Remote I-9

Remote I-9 Process

When Utah State University hires a new employee, and that employee is unable to meet with the department or the business service representative for the college to complete the federally mandated form I-9, the Office of Human Resources can set up a remote access to complete the form I-9 for the new employee.

Remote access for the form I-9 can only be done if the following conditions are met:

  • The employee lives outside of Cache County and the surrounding areas.
  • The employee will not be on main campus Logan, Utah at least three (3) days prior to the employee’s start date.
  • The employee currently lives in the United States. 

How Remote I-9 works:

  1. When an employee cannot meet in person due to physical location, the employee has the responsibility to indicate to their business service representative that they cannot meet prior to their start date.
  2. The business service representative may offer to set up a remote access. If remote access for the form I-9 needs to be set up, the business service representative is responsible for collecting the information of the new employee, and the individual that will be completing section 2 of the form I-9. The Office of Human Resources strongly encourages that the business service representative work with each new hire to find an individual that will properly represent the university. A professional representative is preferred, however, a family member or friend may be used.

You may contact HR (435-797-0122 or to get a list of approved Institutions to act as a USU Representative for section 2. Please provide a zip code where the employee is located.

  1. After the employee and department have identified a representative for the university to complete section 2, it is then the responsibility of the business service representative to email the Office of Human Resources at requesting remote access for the form I-9. The email must include a completed remote access request form.
  2. The Office of Human Resources will then set up remote access for the form I-9. Guardian, the USU I-9 system, will then send the new employee an email for section 1 and the USU Representative section 2. Please note: The employee must complete section 1 before section 2 can be opened or completed.
  3. Once section 1 and 2 have been completed the employee must fax or mail a copy of all supporting documents used in section 2 to the Office of Human Resources. Please fax documents to 435-797-1816 or mail to 8800 Old Main Hill, Logan Utah, 84322.
  4. The Office of Human Resources will upload documents to the electronic form I-9, then send the completed form to E-Verify. When the process is completed, the Office of Human Resources will notify the business service representative.


Please submit requests for remote access for the form I-9 to the Office of Human Resources to

Contact the HR Solutions Center: (435) 797-0122 or

Required Training

Required training includes FERPA, Sexual Harrassment Prevention, and Internet Security.

Driver Training

Driver training must be completed prior to borrowing USU Motor Pool vehicles.

USU Training Site (ILS)

The Institution Learning System (ILS) is a database of training modules. If you cannot access the above link, contact your business services representative or a supervisor for access.

HR Banner Training

This training must be completed before access to Banner is granted.